As Sony Artisans, Lowy+Lacar was commissioned by Sony to test their latest prosumer cameras. They pitched Legacy, a piece about taking their boys to Marvi's country of birth and introducing them to a culture they've only known through stories.

The boys made memories for life as they swam with very large, gentle whalesharks and met Marvi's extended family and childhood friends.

A photojournalist's personal and professional transformation comes after the birth of his two sons. Directors: Benjamin Lowy & Marvi Lacar Cinematography: Benjamin Lowy & Marvi Lacar Music: Triple Scoop Music Editor: Nadav Kurtz/Cutters Studio Script: Marvi Lacar, Abby Sher Line Producer: Christine Palatao Assistant Camera: Nana Buxani

The boys swam with whalesharks in Oslob and the sea turtles of Apo Island. They spent most of their summer in Dumaguete, their mom's old stomping ground.