LOWY+LACAR is an editorial and advertising photography and directing team that operates within the intersection of branded content and social media partnerships using authentic, documentary-style storytelling.

BEN. He started his career as a conflict photographer. Now, he swims with sharks. He has eaten monkey brains and boiled larvae. He’s climbed a mountain or three. He’s flown backwards off an aircraft carrier, and crawled through a 20 year old tunnel 1000 ft. underground. He’s done many things in the name of photography, and hasn’t been kicked out of the house yet.

MARVI. She’s the brains behind the braun, the Head Office, the M, the Batman to his Robin. Photography has led her down a long and twisted road that has helped her make lasting connections with people and creatures around the world. Directing has tapped into what Ben believes is her superpower — a knack for telling stories that make grown men cry.